Haters on Texas During Harvey

Hurricane Harvey unleashed surprising devastation upon Texas from Corpus Christi to well past Houston. It was not the wind so much as the rain and flooding. As I speak, Americans and even Mexicans joined arms to reach out to people needing rescue and supplies. While the hard work of helping those in need continues with the assistance of thousands of volunteers from around the hemisphere, others sit at their keyboard to dish out a spoonful of hatred. Reading the comments on Twitter, Facebook, and even the emails sent to the Texas Nationalist Movement will almost make you lose faith in humanity.

Hateful Publications

Current cover of Charlie Hebdo.

You may remember that on January 7, 2015 Islamic militants attacked the Parisian based office of the satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo. Facebook profile photos were adorned with a layover of the French Flag with the caption “Je suis Charlie” (I am Charlie.)  Today, Charlie Hebdo returns the favor by honoring the Texas victims of the current flooding crisis… Just kidding. Charlie Hebdo displays hateful stereotyping of Texans as racist neo-Nazis.

The latest issue of Charlie Hebdo displays rising floodwaters with Nazi flags and “heil Hitler” hands (and a foot) poking above …

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