HISTORIC MILESTONE: National debt tops $20 trillion

The United States has reached an historic milestone. For the first time in our great nation’s history, the national debt has topped $20 trillion

With a stroke of a pen, President Trump temporarily raised the debt ceiling this week, allowing the treasury department to continue borrowing money and instantly adding $318 billion to the national debt. The debt now stands at $20.16 trillion.

There are a few federal politicians who care about the ballooning debt. They understand the burden on future generations and the potentially devastating effects to our national economy.

But these men and women are few and far between. More often our federal officials are hoping to solve short-term crises and gain votes by allow the nation to spend more and more taxpayer dollars.

The Founders left us with an “emergency cord” for exactly this situation. Congress will never develop enough spine to drastically cut spending and balance the budget. Only a constitutional amendment can force their hand, and only a Convention of States can propose that amendment.

An Article V Convention of States has the power to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution. A Convention of States is called and controlled by the states, and the

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