How Public Schools Routinely Abuse Children By Putting Them In Tiny Padded Cells


I know, I know…isn’t a title like “How Public Schools Routinely Abuse Children” a bit dramatic? Isn’t a line like “How Public Schools Torture Children” way over the top?

For those of you thinking along those lines, please consider the following:

Imagine that a homeschool family was discovered to have constructed a tiny little windowless padded cell in their basement. Imagine that the homeschooling parents in question openly acknowledged that they used the cell as a “calming place” in which to put unruly children.

What would you think of that?

What would your local mainstream television or radio reporter think of that, and how would they cover it in the news?

And what would your local public school bureaucrats think of that?

Would the word “creepy” come into the conversation? Maybe “disturbing” and “warped”, too?

Howsabout “cruel” and “torture”? Ya think maybe those terms might be found rolling off the lips of public school advocates and homeschool haters upon stumbling across a tiny windowless padded cell built by a homeschooling family for the purpose of calming unruly children?

You betcha these terms would be used!

Early, often, and in print.

Now let’s step away from this hypothetical scenario and move

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