How Would You Live if the World Were a Saner Place?

How would you live if the world were a saner place? That’s the question I’d like to pose today.

First, consider the way the world is.

We live in a world where many trivial things are open to debate and criticism, while criticizing some very essential, fundamental things will result in swift, universal censure.

We live in a world that celebrates public displays of self-righteousness, while deriding proclamations of Christ’s supreme, unique righteousness.

We live in a world that tolerates every sort of self-destructive and abominable behavior (except for a few which are in the legalization pipeline, such as prostitution, pedophilia, and drug use) but harshly excoriates opposition to whatever has been deemed tolerable. Even when it has only recently become legal, or is still illegal.

We live in a world where boys are physically mutilating themselves in order to pass as females, and vice versa — and this is praised or condoned by elites and masses alike. The only awkward thing in this equation is the criticism of such transsexual mutilation. That is viewed as evil.

We live in a world that protects the daily, routine murder of unborn children, yet prohibits both the judicial and extrajudicial punishment of …

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