HUGE!! 68% of U.S. Voters Open to Secession in Zogby Poll!

Modern America is a land of deep division and bitter disputes. We live in a factious age of hyper-partisanship, where often the most mundane acts carry political meaning, and the person one votes for might be the very thing that destroys a life-long relationship. But even in this tribalistic time, we are yet arriving at some consensus. Just under the surface, there is a growing nexus of agreement… on one topic. As the report from Zogby Strategies put it, “many are ready to set aside their differences in a way reminiscent of the Declaration of Independence.” What topic could this be? Independence itself!

Recently, Zogby Strategies conducted a “nationwide poll of 800 likely voters” on secession. They asked respondents to pick one of two statements as closer to their own beliefs on the subject. The first statement said, “If a majority of residents within a given state prefer to have the final say over their destiny without the control of Washington D.C. then let them have it – it is their right,” basically that a people has a right to self-determination, period. The second statement said, “If residents within a given state were to take such a drastic measure and …

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