Liberal Oregon Cracks Down, Government Overreach Targets “Illegal” Boaters

Boat seizures can cost the state ten thousand dollars each time.

Boat seizures can cost the state ten thousand dollars each time.

Many residents of Oregon enjoy spending time outside. It is not unusual to find people enjoying the local rivers, and may even make a choice to live on the water. Buying a small boat can be the answer many formally homeless find to get themselves off the street. Living on the river seems like a great solution with the freedom to move about, but it is not entirely legal. While locals are free to use the water, in a move of ultimate government overreach they are not free to tie down to the land below. Making a small effort to anchor your boat somewhere for the night or even staying a few days at a quiet place on the river can land a ship owner in hot water with the state.

In the State of Oregon, if a resident lives on a boat it must have a permanent space to tie down. This means a sleeve in a marina or a floating home moorage. If they are not renting space to tie down and using the public waterway, they are considered trespassers. When this happens, the boat owner is …

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