Madisonian Liberal

In 2015, Todd Horwitz posted an article on on the Ron Paul-sponsored website Voices of Liberty aimed at restoring the definition of liberal. Horwitz explained:

“Today’s liberals are not liberal at all. They are elitists, communists, and socialists that believe that they should dictate how people live. The true liberals are conservatives that try to restore the country to the way the founding fathers envisioned it.”

Adding that “current progressives want to provide basics for individuals to keep them in power, but are not interested in individual rights.”

Perhaps there is no more persuasive evidence of the unmerited coopting of the “liberal” label by Progressives than the relationship between the writings of the poster boy of classical liberalism, John Locke, and the man identified (inaccurately) as the “Father of the Constitution,” James Madison.

Long ago scholars identified the arches and loops of John Locke’s fingerprints on the writings of James Madison. Proof of this influence is often noted in Madison’s restatement of Lockean liberalism in the Federalist Papers, particularly in Federalist, No. 51.

That Madison benefited from Locke’s analysis of the machine of government and its relationship to individual liberty is indisputable, but to describe all Madisonian philosophy as …

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