Meckler: Anger directed at Congress is “white hot”

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak on Fox & Friends to discuss the results of their new poll that revealed what you probably already know.  People don’t love Congress.  In fact, only 15% of registered voters polled said they approved of the job that Congress was doing. I know what you’re thinking: what on earth is wrong with those 15%?  Have they been living under a rock?


I have a very unique vantage point, because I get to talk to grassroots activists and voters all the time, from every state in the nation.  And something is different now.  Though people have been frustrated with politics before — who hasn’t been? — now, there’s what I described on the show as a “red, hot anger” toward Congress.  They see the President as someone who’s trying to get things done, whereas they see Congress as a bunch of do-nothings.

I’d mentioned that there are four hot-button issues that get people animated.  First, tax reform.  When 90% of people have to hire a professional to get their taxes done, you know the system is broken.  Americans want simpler taxes, they’ve been promised this, but they don’t have any real expectation that Congress

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