Nationalism as Christian Apologetics

I met a fellow a couple years ago whose testimony, according to the prevailing wisdom, cannot exist: you see, as he told it, he came to Reformed Christian faith through White Nationalism. Not out of, but through.

Now, this is interesting because we have since seen more of this very thing among others. It is not a fluke, but a quantifiable dynamic. And it works like this:

To merely perceive the PC anti-White mania and genocide underway as evil is induction into the Right by default. And so convicted, this apprehension of evil impels a man down an epistemological path groping for the moral framework that provides for the existence of true good and evil, especially with regard to the subject which set him searching in the first place. And as we will show, the initial apprehension of that evil itself confirms the Christian metaphysic uniquely, both as regards epistemology and ethics.

Though he may wander in jungles of egoism, through Youngian forest mist, and across the hardclay wastes of materialism, he keeps coming back round to the border of the great primordial garden of delight where evil was first distinguished, and that dread mountain shaped like a skull — …

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