Party Truths

Recent years have seen a new revisionist theme emerge in the history of America’s two principal, modern-day political parties – the Democrats and Republicans. In the new debate, two questions have emerged: Did the two parties switch platforms at any point in history? And did the Democrats, with its longtime Southern stronghold, always have a monopoly on racism and white supremacy, traits that are still with them today?

These questions have always sparked historical debate but have now crept into the political arena. And with the recent work of Dinesh D’Souza, specifically his book Hillary Clinton’s America, which is an attack on the Democratic Party and its entire history, the issue has only grown larger as other conservative pundits have picked up a general theme: There never was a party switch and Democrats, largely controlled by the South for most of its history, have always been the party of white supremacy and racism.

For years modern Democrats have pushed a false narrative that the parties switched places in the 1960s with passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, all in an attempt to demonstrate progressivism in matters of race. Their contention is that all the old racists that controlled …

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