President Trump’s Betrayal of Base Hits New Highs, But Do They Care?

This week saw Donald Trump and his administration surprise a lot of people, contradicting himself on some important previous positions and even breaking a few of his biggest campaign promises.

Lois Lerner

When Trump campaigned against Hillary, one of his big-league promises was to get rid of corruption. You remember “Drain the swamp,” don’t you? And he declared he’d start the drainage with appointing a special prosecutor to investigate crimes committed by Hillary Clinton. As we all know, that didn’t happen. Almost immediately after winning the election, Trump dropped the notion of prosecuting Hillary like yesterday’s fishing-bait, sending his surrogates out to let his supporters down gently. Chants of “lock her up,” didn’t get replaced by “help her heal,” as Kellyanne Conway put it, but to date, the Trump administration has not seriously pursued this promise and his supporters have let him. Sure, he brings up the idea on Twitter now again, usually to hang in front of his base to distract them from some of his other nonsense, or to pin on his recently ill-favored Attorney General, but there has been no movement on this issue from the President since being sworn in. Now, Trump’s reticence to prosecute

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