Radio Host Erick Erickson: “If Texas Went Independent Tomorrow,” I’d “Move” There!

There really seems to be a lot of hopelessness out there for those that would preserve traditional values and the first-principles of the founding fathers. Though the party that says they are for those things is enjoying political dominance on almost every level of government, they are clearly failing to defend those same ideas: willing to campaign on those concepts, but not willing to fight for them. As a result, freedom is losing on all sides, and hope for restoring the Union has become an illusion, nostalgia vision, all the more bitter when you know there’s no going home.

On the Erick Erickson Show on Friday, Conservative radio talk-show host and cable news commentator, Erick Erickson, was bemoaning this fact, focusing on a specific story from California where the leadership of Vista Del Lago School in Folsom attempted to ban chants of “U-S-A,” at football games, saying that such chants were “intolerant.” This you can add to the to bans on public prayer, the pledge of allegiance, or protests over the national anthem. And while California has always been nutty, it is true that increasingly American academia and government are telling us that expressions of patriotism and faith are

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