Red River Land Grab Revisited: Part Three

In this part, we continue in our conversation with Davey Edwards, Texas state-licensed professional land surveyor, GLO Commissioner candidate, and expert on the federal Red River federal land grab. Last time, we discussed the legal background of the Red River boundary and how the federal government was applying improper methods in conducting their land surveys, leading to the illegal seizure of hundreds of thousands of acres in Texas by Washington. Additionally, we covered the private, state, and federal efforts to reverse this action. This time, we will go a little deeper into this issue on both the federal and state level. Be sure to read the previous two parts in this series here, and here.

Thorson:              Do you believe the federal government wanted the survey to go a certain way, that maybe there was pressure on surveyors to skew things so they could find new allotments for individual families of native tribes?

Edwards:             You’ve got the doctrine of accretion and erosion. If you lose land on one side, you’re going to gain land on the other. That’s just a fact and that’s just the nature of the beast for living near a river or something

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