Red River Land Grab Revisited: Part Two

In our continuing series on the federal government’s seizure of Texas land along the Red River, I spoke with Davey Edwards. Edwards is a Texas state-licensed professional land surveyor, as well as a certified federal surveyor for the United States bureau of land management. He holds a M.S. in geospatial survey engineering and also a Ph.D. in geosciences with a focus on river morphology and how it relates to riparian boundaries, particularly relating to interstate and international boundary lines. In short, he is an expert. Additionally, Edwards is a candidate for Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office (GLO). (To read part one featuring our interview with Attorney Robert Henneke, click  here.)

Thorson:              How did you get involved with the controversy on the Red River?

Edwards:             Back in 2010, I was hired to survey an avulsion [a sudden cutting off of land by flood, currents, or change in course of a body of water] along the Red River. And my client, who had land in Texas, his land was avulsed to the state of Oklahoma. And of course, he hired me to do the survey, and that was my case study for my dissertation …

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