SCV commander: ‘We feel our ancestors were heroes’ 

Moncks Corner, SC – Perry Smith has always been proud of his heritage.

At 8 years old, he and his childhood buddies spent their days playing outside in what Smith described as a poorer neighborhood in North Charleston. They lived next to an older retired couple.

One day, Smith and his friends dug holes in the neighborhood park. The couple, sick of the boys’ playful antics, called the cops. Smith and his crew wouldn’t stand for it.

“My friend, he gets his Confederate Battle Flag, and we’d march up the road back and forth in front of their house singing Dixie,” Smith said as nostalgia forces a smile across his face. “It was just to identify us…we were Southern boys, and they were Yankees, and we didn’t appreciate them calling the cops on us for digging a whole out there. We were rebels.”

Back in those days when the “Dukes of Hazzard” aired on television, Smith and his friends didn’t associate anything wrong with Confederate memorabilia. It was their history.

“We had black friends. We had white friends. The color issue didn’t come into this at all,” he said.

Today, race and culture are unavoidable when discussing the Confederacy…

Source: Sons of Confederate Veterans commander: ‘We feel our ancestors were heroes’ | News |

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