Setting NBC straight AND support www.slrc-csa…

Setting NBC straight AND support www.slrc-csa Pls share!


RE: Your reporters snarky comment about me yesterday at the Lee Monument:

Calling me a “Neo Confederate (with ties to Neo Nazis)” is dafamation from the agenda driven liars at the Southern Poverty Law Center and their attempted suborner of perjury in 1975, Morris Dees.

Not giving me a fair chance to respond to this irrelevant character assassination will get you cut off from ever talking to me or my client’s again.

I took and won a lot of controversial criminal cases 30 years ago because I was convinced among other things, of my clients’ innocence.

I have been an ACLU member my entire professional life.

I am a Texas, Christian attorney with Confederate ancestry. I have friends and clients of every race, religion or creed. That is all I am and all I claim to be

And if you are decent – you will make that statement on air.

I am an effective advocate for “underdog” causes. I have been in the trenches for the Bill of Rights my entire professional life since 1984. My clients retained me for that reason and not because of the “controversial” aspects of my …

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