Stand for the Truth

By Dr. James Brooks

Our forebears braved the wilderness
They crossed wide rivers and settled the West,
They tamed the land, made it blossom like a rose,
But now alas some would steal our peoples’ soul,

Destroy our monuments, rewrite the past,
Rename the streets, burn books at the last,
Just as with the Nazis, such evil always grows,
If you would destroy a nation, that is how it goes,

And if our youth forget their past,
New histories will be written, each worse than the last,
For to speed the new world order, you eradicate the past,
It worked for the Nazis, it made their work go fast,

For what are a people without their heritage,
And what is a land without its past,
If we give in now, we will lose it all,
And we will have no freedom at the last,

When I was a lad, I heard my grandfather say,
You are of this land, and can see a brand new day,
If you stand for the truth and always say nay,
To those who would take your heritage away,

For a good heritage is a precious thing,
Whether you are a poor man or …

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