States Leap Into Action After Veterinarians Sound Alarm On Worsening Crisis


Less than a year ago Maine Governor Paul LePage signed a bill requiring veterinarians to check the Prescription Monitoring Program for signs of abuse before issuing opioid prescriptions to pet owners. The move comes out of desperation as more and more Americans fall prey to drug addiction.

Desperate drug addicts are turning to an unlikely source to get their fix- their veterinarians. Vets typically don’t prescribe hard drugs, but clever addicts can get their hands on Tramadol and Xanax. America’s opioid epidemic has grown so severe that vets now routinely deal with drug-seeking behavior from pet owners.

An opioid addict might be willing to harm his mother in order to get high. So it’s no surprise that dogs aren’t safe from their machinations. Cats are too tiny for their medicine to have much of an effect on a full-grown adult. The dosage for a nine pound creature is incredibly small.

Dogs, however, can weigh in at over 100 pounds. A tramadol prescription for Fido might be strong enough to do real damage to the human. A truly evil person hurts their dog before trying to scam the vet, whereas less vicious addicts claim their pets have phantom pains or weakening

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