Stories of Red Cross Impropriety Continue to Surface

Texas is not yet a month from the initial devastation of Hurricane Harvey, and Texas charities and other government assistance groups are still out there diligently trying to meet the need that still exists. However, there is one charity, whose name has surfaced now and again in the media and social networking sites as doing less than most: the American Red Cross. You may have heard how Texas officials, like Houston City Councilman Dave Martin, have actually appealed to donors to not give to Red Cross, citing incompetence in their response efforts, for staying in 5-star hotels on the donor’s dime (something Red Cross has admitted), or because of their lack of transparency in how they spend donations, such as exhibited in their now infamous Haiti effort. You might remember how Red Cross received “half a billion dollars” to spend on Haitian earthquake victims, but only had 6 permanent homes to show for it after five years. Well, in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, not surprisingly, we have another disaster where Red Cross’ performance is receiving mixed reviews, at best.

The first thing you must understand about the American Red Cross is it’s almost a government agency. In …

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