Teacher Fired For Sleeping With Student, But Then The Courts Get Involved


Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Michael Faizon ruled in favor of a teacher who wanted to be allowed to return to work after sleeping with a student. Although he potentially groomed the girl for months, the teacher did not have a sexual relationship with her until after she graduated.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court this week issued a controversial ruling in favor of a disgraced high school basketball coach. Luke “Todd” Scipioni was fired by the Cornwall-Lebanon school district in 2014 after administrators learned that the coach had slept with a former student.

Scipioni admits that he tanked his marriage and his career by having an affair with an 18-year-old girl on the basketball team. Scipioni and the student both insist that their relationship didn’t turn sexual until the night of her graduation.

The facts of this case remain undisputed. What has been in dispute is the appropriate consequence for Mr. Scipioni’s conduct,” Superintendent Philip Domenic said after the ruling.

The Cornwall-Lebanon School District has been firm in its stance that this conduct was not appropriate for a public school teacher. The District will, however, abide by the decision of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania upholding the arbitrator’s award and

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