Texas Blacks Back Rebel Monuments 

Many activists realize stone and marble not the worst problems facing blacks

By Dave Gahary

American Free Press – Following the government- and mainstream media-instigated violence in Charlottesville, Va. last month, various municipalities across this once-great nation are taking and considering taking preemptive steps to remove Confederate monuments from public land, so as not to invoke the wrath of the ascendant terrorist groups Black Lives Matter and the more loosely organized Antifa. In the halcyon days of these United States, if mask-wearing thugs arrived in any town or city intent on waging war in that community, they were met with the iron fist of law and order. No more. On Aug. 14, Philip Kingston, who serves on the Dallas city council, took aim at a Robert E. Lee statue and other monuments in the city. Kingston believes “monuments to the Confederacy should not be on public land,” as reported in an article by the local CBS fake-news outlet. So biased and hateful have the fake-news media become that the caption under the photo of the Lee statue reads:

The Confederate War Memorial in Dallas, Texas, is a monument that attempts to glorify the treasonous acts of those who fought to defend slavery on the Confederate side of the American Civil War…

Source: Texas Blacks Back Rebel Monuments – American Free Press

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