The Anger of the Hurricane Media

WASHINGTON — Here we sit in the comfort of Washington, D.C., and read of the discomfort in Florida. The massive Hurricane Irma moved from the Caribbean up through south Florida, displacing as many as 5 million people. It marched up the west coast, displacing many more. The eye of the storm settled on Naples and Fort Myers, Florida, but it terrified pretty much the whole state, including the largest population of retired Americans gathered anywhere. It was the largest hurricane ever in the Atlantic, and it came on the heels of the death and destruction that Mother Nature visited upon Texas with Harvey, prompting one cynic to say, “We’ve got to get Mother Nature before she gets us.”

Florida’s governor, Rick Scott, was tireless in issuing warnings to the apprehensive citizenry of his state, and monitoring the activities of the Florida National Guard and first responders. He was on the nation’s television screens nonstop. He declared at one press conference, “This is a catastrophic storm our state has never seen.” He expressed similar sentiments continually. He also said: “Pray. Pray for everybody in Florida.” The citizenry responded responsibly. The state and local government responded responsibly. But what was the response …

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