The Blessing Of Inequality

Let’s consider what is rapidly becoming a forbidden question: Isn’t it good that some people are made by God to be better than others in particular ways? And I don’t just mean trivial, unimportant ways. I mean in significant, life- and culture-impacting ways.

People are that kind of different.

Which is another way of saying that people are unequal…and that they’ve been purposefully made that way by God.

Isn’t that a good thing?

Aren’t you glad that God made some people taller than others?

Isn’t it good that God made some people smarter than others? More creative than others? More artistic than others?

Isn’t it beautiful that God made some people more beautiful than others?

And isn’t it right that these God-given differences actually make a difference, both in the lives of the individuals in question and in the communities and cultures in which they’ve been purposefully placed. Isn’t it perfectly proper that these God-given variances in intelligence, creativity, and physicality (among other things) would result in different challenges and different benefits producing different struggles and different pay-offs for the different people involved?

This is the beauty of true diversity in God’s creation.

And this is the diversity that …

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