The California Cataclysm

The actual number of illegal aliens residing in the USA is murky at best.  Estimates vary from 11 to 30 million, but it could easily be much higher. It’s naive to expect an honest national accounting of money spent on illegals because white Americans can’t be displaced without their blithe complacency. No federal agency or respectable think tank is interested in pursuing that sort of inquiry.  Instead, let’s focus on what we know about the most egregious state: California. This place is already beginning to fail, so it provides the best glimpse of what we can expect across the country.

What’s Not to Like Here?

California is the exemplar of the new, more vibrant USA.  Once, in a darker age, it was held up as the epitome of middle class white America. It was all there: great weather, beautiful beaches and mountains, a thriving job market, and affordable housing. CA was one of the most reliably red states, producing icons like Nixon and Reagan. That changed once it went blue for Clinton in 1992, following the devastating LA Riots.

For the wealthy elites, it remains a paradise. They can live pampered lives inside gated communities on the scenic hills and

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