The Dangerous Myth of the Southern Sephardim, Pt. I

Part I: The Sephardic Jews

The discussion of the Jewish Question has always been a tender spot in the South. It was Grant, not one of our own heroes, who expelled the “Israelites” from Tennessee. Charleston, a crown jewel of the Golden Circle, had the largest Jewish population in the Americas by 1816, and Baltimore and Savannah saw secondary populations. Our Confederacy was a shining star of religious tolerance: some 3,000 Jews, most of them Sephardim, fought in the Grey. Abraham Myers was the Quartermaster General of the Confederacy and, far more famously, Judah Benjamin, whose ancestors were among the most prominent merchants in Castile prior to their expulsion in 1492, served as Attorney General, Secretary of War, and Secretary of State, respectively.

What could account for this huge population of loyal Jews, if indeed the Jewish population represents a threat to our people? Surely, there must be something different—and, indeed, there is something that sets Southern Jews apart from the internationalist organizers of B’nai B’rith and Bilderberg Group. Southern Jews were not among the Ashkenazim of Eastern Europe, the ancestors of Theodor Herzl, Abraham Foxman, and Woody Allen. Rather, they were an older, far more well-established, more Westernized and

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