The Empire and Our Future

This is in response to the excellent Heritage Not Hate? piece published on Identity Dixie a few days ago. It provides some insight to just how thoroughly we have been indoctrinated by the Yankee elite which controls our armies, our resources, and our tax dollars: of which we disproportionately die for, give up, and pony up.

The jig is up, stop dancing. They never cared for you, only your Southern kin has ever been there for you.

We as a nation in a conquered homeland need to re-recognize we are not like the Yankee Empire, they will always hate us, and we should not fight and die for their Dixian crushing imperial machine which sends our sons to die for poppy fields in the far flung mountains and fields of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our current president, being thoroughly of Yankee stock is still extending a war which has now crossed generational lines. Think about that for a minute. Think of his cabinet decisions. Think long and hard on the Constitution and its legitimacy post a war which rammed several amendments down our throat at bayonet point and kept us under military administration and denied us every basic right during

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