The Reformation and Race, Part XII: Martin Luther, German Nationalist

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About a year after the historic victory for the Lutherans at the Diet of Augsburg, the father of the Reformation wrote a little-known pamphlet entitled Martin Luther’s Warning to His Dear German People (1531), in which he expressed a nationalist love for his own nation. The pamphlet was intended to supplement the Torgau Declaration of German Protestants, accepted in 1530, which affirmed the right of the Christian German people to an armed defense of their fatherland against foreign imperial forces.

Endorsing the Declaration, Luther now wrote in this pamphlet:

Oh ye unhappy men, who are now leagued with the Pope at Augsburg! your posterity will have eternal cause to blush at your names, and hear with shame, that their forefathers acted thus. Oh disgraceful Diet! such as was never held before, nor ever shall be, in all future time; an eternal blot on every prince, on the whole empire collectively, and one which has degraded the Germans before God and the whole world! What will the Turk and his whole empire exclaim, when they hear of such untold

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