The Trump Divide Among Kinists

Over the past two and a half years, I’ve been witness to, as well as active participant in, a lamentable divide that has arisen within the Kinist community concerning the figure of Donald Trump, following his announcement that he would be running for President of the USA. I’ve always been somewhat of an outsider in these discussions given the fact that I’m not American. From this outsider’s – albeit not by any means unbiased – perspective, I’ve thought quite a bit about and analyzed the arguments made by both sides. Nonetheless, let me say up front that I’ve always been inclined to side with the Trump-supporting Kinists and have been attracted to their line of argument most. Yet I also believe that within this camp there have been many who have exhibited a lack of nuance that is often required when dealing with an unpredictable, inconsistent factor like Trump. There is also, to my mind, a lack of understanding the opposite side’s argument, and vice versa. The purpose of this article is to bridge the divide among Kinists by contributing to increased mutual understanding of the other side’s position.

I believe the divide lies deeper than merely strategic considerations (i.e. …

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