The year is 2033, Obama has been president for 24 years…

The following is a great letter to the editor written by COS supporter Tim Means and published in the Maui News.

President Obama was only 48 years old when he took office in 2009. If there were no term limits and his popularity (or manipulation of the vote) was maintained, he could have easily served six to seven terms as president.

Try to imagine a United States of America in 2033 after 24 years of Obama as president. Twenty-four years of executive orders circumventing Congress and the Constitution, 24 years of packing the federal courts with ultra-liberal judges. I think the term limits for the president are very effective in keeping our form of government a representative republic and not a dictatorship. But we need more.

In Congress, most districts will re-elect whoever is in office, liberal or conservative. Power is assigned by majority and tenure, good or bad. The will of the people will best be served by the rotation in and out of office of our congressional representation. There is no shortage of good people willing to give a few years of service, but those that seek to make it a career do major damage by serving their own …

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