Theo Hiddema: The Solution to Europe’s Islamic Problem Is More Race-Mixing

A couple of months ago I enthusiastically reported that one of the markers indicating the rise of the Dutch Alt-Right was the establishment of the political party Forum for Democracy. Their leader and founder Thierry Baudet has written and stated a number of solid points in the past, and has maintained those positions even in the midst of strong adversity. Shortly after being elected to parliament earlier this year, Baudet even made headlines in March with this brilliant “racist” and “neo-Nazi” comment:

It is an attempt at demonstrating self-hatred when we homeopathically dilute the Dutch nation with all the other nations of the world, so that the Dutch will eventually cease to exist. So that who we are, will never again be a manifested reality.1

The party’s #2 in parliament, Theo Hiddema, however, recently reacted to Baudet’s statement, expressing his disagreement with this vile ditty:

Integration under the sheets . . . between Dutch women and Moroccan boys is beautiful, isn’t it? . . . Then you don’t need integration experts or projects.2

He went on to say that he is a proponent of miscegenation and that through it third-world immigrants and their descendants would be liberated …

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