TNM Creates Petition for Texas to Investigate Red Cross Fraud

The Red Cross is a charity of contradictions. They enjoy a relatively good reputation in general, but for many who actually come in contact with the organization, the American Red Cross has a very different repute.

In my own previous work in disaster relief, covering more than two dozen South Texas towns, I never once heard a good story about the Red Cross, but I certainly heard negative ones. For instance, one first responder I talked with claimed that Red Cross relief efforts in his town consisted of a photographer with some Red Cross coffee cups who was just there to snap some pictures for fund-raising and leave; he helped no one for the millions that they get from donors. And speaking of donations, according to a story from NPR, an American Red Cross executive couldn’t answer how much of Harvey donations would end up helping Harvey victims, this, while their CEO makes around $500,000 a year, a salary that most Texans would say is excessive for a donation-driven charity. Whereas organizations like The Salvation Army spend 100% of funds donated for a disaster on the disaster itself.

During the Harvey effort, these stories have started surfacing again, stories …

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