Tobe Hooper, Auteur of Texas Horror, Passes Away

With all the necessary focus on the impact Hurricane Harvey has had on East Texas, here’s a bit of sad news that escaped our mentioning and richly deserves noting. Texas native and renown film director, Tobe Hooper, died at the age of 74 of natural causes in Sherman Oaks, California. His passing took place on the 26th of August, an obit that he shares with another horror-alum from silent cinema, the uncanny Lon Chaney Sr.

Hooper began his career as part of a new and independent group of film-artists in the 70’s and 80’s, among such peers as John Carpenter and Wes Craven, who reestablished the genre of the horror film. Hooper and these other cinematic up-and-comers crafted macabre tales that took more cues from Alfred Hitchcock than Bela Lugosi, leaning less towards the supernatural and focusing instead on the horrors that might prowl just around the corner.

Hooper was able to trade on the success of his early independent work in the Austin area to establish quite the career for himself in Hollywood. He worked concurrently on both film and television projects for over 30 years, including the Stephen Spielberg collaborations Taken and Poltergeist, the …

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