UM admits Black Bear failure, launches new vote

BREAKING: Colonel Reb 2, UM Admin 0. It’s Official…The Black Bear Sucks

After the 2003 defeat of University of Mississippi chancellor Robert Khayat and athletics director Pete Boone’s attempt to force a new mascot “Rowdy Rebel” and/or “Rebel Bruiser,” the Colonel Reb Foundation (CRF) and supporters of the Colonel have done it again!

After seven years of the forced “Rebel the Black Bear” experiment, the university is now trying to get a “student-led” vote to have the landshark replace the bear.   ASB president Dion Kevin III announced Monday a “landshark referendum,” with a student vote to be held Sept. 26.

CRF student leader Wess Helton is leading the effort to include Colonel Reb on any so-called mascot vote.  A press release from the CRF outlines the response from the tradition-based student organization.

Please help Wess out!  Join the fight to include Colonel Reb and defeat the university’s latest attempt to silence the nearly 90 percent of Ole Miss students that want the Colonel as their mascot.  Your financial support to Wess is very important.

And if you are a current UM student, please join Wess and the Colonel’s army and let’s be heard on Sept. 26.

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