UPDATE Judge Ezra has denied our…

UPDATE Judge Ezra has denied our request for a Temporary Restraining Order or even time to appeal. So more than likely the minions of San Antonio will move in to take down the Travis Park Monument tonight. NEED MONUMENT GUARDS TONIGHT to witness & film the desecration – also bring flowers to place in the chain link fence and when fence is down we need daily floral tributes – this AINT OVER! THANK YOU ALL WHO CAME TO COURT! and support www.slrc-csa.org

EARLIER TODAY Yes, on behalf of the TX Div SCV, we have sued the City of San Antonio to prevent removal of the Travis Park Confederate Monument. The case is in Federal Court before Judge David Allen Ezra, who has Senior Judge status There will be a Temporary Restraining Order hearing at 2PM today. The court was insisting that we have local counsel present (which we had not time to obtain before filing) and refused my request to have a hearing by telephone conference. By a miracle my old friend and co-counsel from the Burleson School case, James Chapman was actually in San Antonio when I called and able to be there for the SCV at 2PM. I …

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