Urgent Request! Compatriots and friends, We, the…

Urgent Request! Compatriots and friends,

We, the descendants of Confederates, are in a new battle. I am asking you to stop for a few moments, read this letter, and consider donating to the SCV Relief Fund.

As we all watched the news over the past few days, Hurricane Harvey is causing untold destruction in Texas and Louisiana, (along with tornados in Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee). You can very well be looking at the faces of our compatriots who live in those areas. Most have lost something, some have lost everything. Just think this could be you and now you have a chance to help compatriots across the devastated region.

Last year we depleted our budget for the SCV Relief Committee and you members helped by donating. We provided relief to members through twenty two relief grants for a total of $11, 000. Members from Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Alabama and Louisiana received relief from the SCV Relief Funds. Heath issues, fire, and flooding were issues the committee responded to. We have a large membership in Texas and in the Houston area and these SCV members will be looking to us all for relief; our resources are low. If you …

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