We Still Haven’t Seen the Greatest Generation

It is absolutely true that many Baby Boomers have turned their backs on the welfare of their descendants. Unlike the biblical precept of saving for the future and leaving an inheritance to one’s posterity, many Baby Boomers are living only for this life and leaving their posterity nothing or worse yet, debt. While this is not true of every Baby Boomer, it is true of so many of them that it is fair to say that at least a huge percentage, if not majority of Boomers, are traitors to their nation and their own kin.

I don’t believe that Generation X or Millennials are any better. The rule of thumb since the mid-1800s has been that each successive generation gets progressively more degenerate. Ergo, I would expect my peers and the younger generations to get dumber and more detached from reality. They’ve got a lot pushing them in that direction, from public indoctrination to mass junk media to poor nutrition to the end of objective truth to mass Third World migration. In those regards, our elders may have a tougher constitution than us young bucks.

My comment in a previous post criticizing some descendants of Robert E. Lee

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