Without a Homeland

After the Illinois sanctuary bill, it has finally hit me that I’m a man without a homeland. This is kind of a weird feeling; blackpilling and liberating all at the same time. I am not quite sure how to feel, because I am angry now, but calm.
Because I grew up in southern Illinois, I knew my neighbors by first name and they looked after me and my brothers like we were their own. When my parents weren’t home, I had a kinship with those people. I still do but now the land has rejected me and mine.
Illinois is entirely more than Chicago. Chicago is a tumor on a once bright and prosperous land. Once that cancer has been destroyed, the land will be at peace and be free once again.
I lived in Illinois for 24 years of my life and have only been to Chicago a handful of times. The entire drive to Chicago is corn fields and nice small towns, and then you get to Chicago and it’s a leviathan. A glass and steel titan looming over the lake, and overshadowing the great state that feeds its greed. Chicago is an abusive alcoholic step-father who doesn’t

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