Yankee Rush

Lee Sam and Abner were settin’ on the porch drinking ice-tea one day when the Yankee from Boston come running his Honda Prius up the road to the house. He stopped, and as it was July and hadn’t rained in a month, the dust kinda poured over his car when he stopped.

He got out a coughing and fussing and fuming, as most Yankees do, as they’re always in a hurry and so always got something botherin‘ ‘em.

“Why can’t you pave this road?” He coughed.

In this case the dust was botherin’ him. Lee Sam and Abner turned and looked at each other conveying an obvious thought (to them) that if he’d drive half as fast he’d get choked ‘bout half as much.

Abner Scratched his ear and pointed at the flock that was settlin’ after the Honda had scatterd ‘em . “If we was to pave it, them chickens wouldn’t have near-bout as much peckin’ room.”

“Well, Hell why don’t you at least put down some gravel?” the Yankee said.

“Gravel cost money. Dat dirt come wid de land.” Lee Sam said. Besides, chickens can’t peck through gravel. And Abner jus now told you ‘bout de chicken situation.”…

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