Yes, God made your smartphone (and everything else).

What do stars, trees, seas, and iPhones all have in common?

God made ’em.

All of ’em.


He made the iPhone just a surely as He made the sun and the oceans, however much we’re inclined to pretend otherwise.

One reason we tend to dismiss and avoid the notion that God really and truly is 100% responsible for bringing things like cool cars and the Internet into reality is that His doing so reveals us to be the mere tools that we are, in direct contrast to the independent creative forces and history-makers that we just love imagining ourselves to be.

In our fallen state as spiritually dead creatures, being a created, owned, and purposefully used tool doesn’t sit well with our pride and ego.

It doesn’t make our inner Snowflake very happy at all, and apart from God’s supernaturally saving and illuminating grace, being His property will always rub us the wrong way. Apart from salvation, we hate being owned by God. We hate being His tools.

We hate having no claim to the creation of anything in the ultimate sense.

We want credit for doing things on our own.

We want credit for making things happen.

We …

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