450k in streets of Barcelona following Spanish crackdown


It’s Like Franco is Back!

Mirror Online – Nearly half a million people have vented their fury on the streets of Barcelona in a huge protest as the Catalan crisis deepens.

Activists waved the Catalonian independence flag as tempers boiled over after the Spanish Prime Minister said he wanted to dissolve Catalonia’s government.

Police have said that around 450,000 separatists took part in the rally, furious with today’s bombshell.

It had earlier emerged that the region’s top politician could face arrest if he declares independence, and Madrid now plans to hold Catalan regional elections in January.

The moves come after regional President Carles Puigdemont threatened to go forward with Catalan independence, which has incensed Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

Mr Puigdemont joined the protests in the region’s capital and Rajoy’s announcement was met with fury by angry crowds chanting anti-government slogans.

Rajoy said after a cabinet meeting that the central government needs to take the unprecedented step of assuming control of Catalonia to ”restore order” in the face of a secession effort backed by the regional government…

Source: Fears of violence as 450,000 take to the streets of Barcelona joined by independence leader following Spanish government bombshell – Mirror Online

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