500 Years Later, Protestants Again Exiled

Whites Should Not Seek Belonging in Orthodoxy
Rome Is Not the White Man’s Home
There Is No Place in the Alt Right for Mormonism
Islam Is No Mecca for White People
Ancient Aryan Religion Is Not the Way Home
Ancient European Religions Do Not Have a Place for Whites

No. The answer is just no.

If you’ve been following my series of brief surveys of religious institutions thus far, you’ll recall that hitherto we’ve dealt with the Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Mormon, Islamic, Hindu, and Neo-Pagan worlds. Being as Faith and Heritage is a Protestant site, naturally I wanted to save Protestantism — the best — for last.

In all of the analysis thus far, the question has been whether or not a major religious institution existed that would tolerate, or support, people who are pro-white. As described in the original installment, the impetus behind the series was to discover where, if anywhere, we could find community and spiritual nourishment. Man is designed for community and man lives not on bread alone, but on the Word of God. Ergo, we need to belong to a spiritual, social institution. That’s what the Church is, and other religions have institutions that fulfill …

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