7 Steps to Solve the Gun Crime and Terror Crisis in America

Regardless of the shooter’s creed or breed, whenever occurs a high profile shooting it is invariably laid to the account of guns and White people. Somehow.

And as is typical, the Lügenpresse and their fellow travelers have seized on the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas as a pretext to abolish the Second Amendment and abrogate the God-given right of self-defense cherished by Anglo-Saxons for a millennium.

Of course, liberals want conservatives to play reactionary badminton with them. The liberal expects that when he (or is it zer nowadays?) takes up his “there-oughta-be-a-law” refrain that the conservative can be relied upon to respond with overtures urging moderation. And act II of the sequence is always the liberal’s condemnation of conservatives as heartless Nazis for harboring even the most tepid reservations. And act III, of course, features the capitulation of the conservatives.

At least, that’s the script as it typically plays out.

The one thing their agreed-upon rules of seesaw preclude most strenuously is that Christian principle overturned can never be revived.

But that is the very thing the Christian man insists must happen. Both by the command of God, and secondarily, for the simple fact of its sublime utility. …

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