Affleck’s Batman, Weinstein’s Super-Predator, And The Dawn Of Justice Over Hollywood

The cause, character, and continuing trajectory of the Harvey Weinstein scandal now consuming Hollyweird is, in essence, neatly summarized in one tiny little scene from last year’s big budget blockbuster “superhero” flick, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Before we dive into that clip, it’s important to note that this Harvey Weinstein thing is a Big Deal, and not just for today or this week. It’s a giant flaming meteor whose impact will be felt for decades. As much as the Harveys, Gwyneths, and Afflecks of Hollyweird may wish it to pass quickly, leaving their happy little kingdom of culture-wrecking hypocrisy to resume its business as usual, that just ain’t gonna happen. Things will change.

So as we examine this particular scene from one particularly lame Hollyweird blockbuster, let’s keep in mind that this is not a short term, flash-in-the-pan story. It’s yuge.

With the yugeness of this deal duly noted, on to the scene in question…

It lasts only a few seconds and was barely noticed by most, but it’s always been loaded with valuable information – information that we now have a unique opportunity to contemplate in a different, much brighter and much broader light than was …

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