Ancient Aryan Religion Is Not the Way Home

Hinduism is an ancient pagan religion that incorporates most of the things that Westerners instinctively rejected until recent years. Hinduism posits beliefs in reincarnation, the illusory nature of reality, and the moral equivalence between good and evil, in addition to advocating for vegetarianism based on the alleged human-like nature of livestock, worshiping thousands of deities, including ritualistic sex as acts of worship, and more. Far be it from us Westerners even now to countenance these things. This article does not advocate these transgressions of the entire Decalogue.

However, there are those among the West’s strongest proponents who hearken to Hinduism as the primordial religion of white man. They argue that our Aryan forefathers created this religion before they left the Indian subcontinent for the Caucasus and beyond into Europe. Hinduism, they say, has traits that are distinctly Aryan such as its racially-oriented caste system, its regard for living things, and its emphasis on strength (the warrior class) and knowledge (the priestly Brahmin class). Turning to Hinduism offers white people a direct connection to their most distant roots, they argue. Savitri Devi, a prominent National Socialist and Hitler supporter, became a Hindu in the early twentieth century and saw …

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