Ancient European Religions Do Not Have a Place for Whites

In this series we’ve been briefly surveying the major religious institutions to which pro-white people have turned for solace during our present-day spiritual exile. Without exception, all of the major religious groups we’ve discussed have outright rejected those of us who do not wish to see our cultural and racial lineage destroyed. White genocide seems to be prerequisite for institutional existence these days. Even those few of us who dissent from this status quo on an individual basis on social media or websites have been getting banned from public discourse lately. Thus it is unsurprising that we haven’t found a church or other religious body interested in giving spiritual, practical assistance to us few dissidents to the anti-white system.

The anti-white animus of the day pervades not only the more stodgy religious bodies such as the old churches, but also exotic ones from abroad. Does it pervade the Western sects that pride themselves on rejecting the degenerate status quo? Does it pervade the religion that has some of the best claims to being the white man’s religion: neo-paganism?

For many centuries our European ancestors practiced paganism. We know this is the case because the histories of the conversion of

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