Arkansas Black Judge Fiercely Supports Black Lives Matter

Afro-Centrist Activist Judge Attacks White Christians

The Roper Report – Arkansas Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen, a black activist who is facing an unprecedented impeachment process by the Arkansas state legislature, attacked a law enforcement connected training seminar which correctly warned participants about the violent Black Lives Matter domestic terrorist group. Black Lives Matter protests, which have been connected to the assassination of five police officers in Dallas, arson, vandalism, and racist assaults, are known to chant anti-police statements such as “pigs in a blanket, fry them up like bacon”. Griffen stated that, compared with the KKK, BLM is not violent, and therefore should not be commented about negatively.

This latest attack by Griffen on law enforcement on behalf of Black Lives Matter terrorists reflects a growing animosity towards law enforcement by left-wing judicial activists. He is considered an extremist, however, even by those on the liberal fringe of the anti-police movement.

The black activist judge was removed from a recent death penalty case by the Arkansas State Supreme Court after Griffen participated in dramatic anti-capital punishment demonstrations on the same day when he was ruling from the bench to postpone executions in the state…

Source: Arkansas Black Judge Fiercely Supports Black Lives Matter – The Roper Report

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