Being Offended Is Not An Argument

Let’s face it: We’ve become a nation of emotion-driven little girls.

We can’t process an argument.

And we don’t want to.

Which means that we usually can’t make an actual argument of our own.

But we don’t want to do that either, so it’s all good.

Things like truth, logic, facts, and objective reality are so yesterday. In 2017 America, thanks in no small part to generations of immersion in State-managed education and Corporate-managed pop culture, we’re all about emotions…and that goes for people on the Right every bit as much as it does for those on the Left. (For more on this, please read Why are “conservatives” using the blood of soldiers as a shield against criticism and a weapon against dissent?)

Instead of actually thinking critically about things – especially hard or challenging truths – we just want to emote. We want to vent. We want to cry, shout, pout, and scream until any uncomfortable, challenging truth that confronts us just goes away.

We want to avoid critical thought by diving (and dragging others) deeper and deeper into our precious feelings.

Instead of critically examining and factually refuting an opposing argument, we avoid all o’ …

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