Border Patrol Fails to Secure Containers with Seized Drugs, Weapons, Explosives

Judicial Watch – One of the nation’s busiest Border Patrol sectors for illegal immigrant apprehensions and drug seizures has serious security issues that “pose an immediate threat” to agents, assets and operations, according to a federal audit. Unannounced spot inspections conducted by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Inspector General determined that stations within the Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector, which covers most of Arizona, uncovered the security lapses which apparently have existed for years.

“During our recent spot inspections of Border Patrol stations in the Tucson Sector, we observed, and Border Patrol agents corroborated, multiple physical security issues that raise concerns about agent safety at two locations,” the DHS IG writes in a recently published report. “Both facilities have vulnerable outdoor storage containers secured with padlocks that could be easily opened with common bolt cutters. Container tops and walls could also easily be compromised with a blow torch or other widely available tools. The containers we inspected held ammunition; small arms; riot control explosives; proprietary surveillance equipment; seized drugs; and sensitive hardcopy prosecution, investigation, and personnel documents.”

The stations aren’t identified for security reasons, but the audit reveals that one facility’s eight-foot perimeter wall has inadequate camera coverage and allows public access to the full perimeter and visibility of storage containers, as well as seized and government vehicles. Additionally, poor outdoor lighting impedes adequate camera surveillance at night. Another Tucson Sector station has inoperable security cameras and a six-foot chain link fence that allows public access to the full perimeter as well as visibility of storage containers, operations, a fuel storage tank, structures and government vehicles. Investigators found serious vulnerabilities at three other compounds, including one in which outsiders freely roamed vehicle storage areas after following Border Patrol vehicles through the main gate unchallenged. Other stations have control room monitor displays in detainee cells that don’t function…

Source: Border Patrol Fails to Secure Containers with Seized Drugs, Weapons, Explosives – Judicial Watch

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