BREAKING: Convention of States Project hits 3 million supporters

The Convention of States Project has reached another milestone, hitting three million grassroots supporters nationwide. The Convention of States Project has activists and signed petitions in every state house district in the country. Armed with a new endorsement from Ben Shapiro, Senator Tom Coburn and Senator Jim DeMint are working with state legislators and grassroots activists to continue growing a movement that resonates with Americans who are fed up with the status quo in Washington. Three million Americans now agree that the federal government is broken and the solution for fixing it will never come from inside the beltway, as elite politicians will never vote to limit their power. 

“The time is now for bold action and rock-solid leadership, something missing from Congress, but found in millions of citizens rising up to restore their power by using the constitutional solution found in Article V.” said Mark Meckler, Co-founder, the Convention of States Project. “The slow-creep of waste, fraud, abuse and selfish interests, along with unfathomable debt has Americans frustrated with all levels of the federal government. Empowered citizens are now doing the job that Congress has refused to do—fulfill the last eight years of broken promises by calling a Convention

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