Congressional committee approves an extra $36.5 billion in disaster spending without including any offsets

Senator Tom Coburn often points out that the federal government refuses to use standard accounting principles. Here’s a prime example.

According to The Hill, “The House Appropriations Committee late Tuesday night advanced a $36.5 billion supplemental funding bill for disaster relief, but did not include any spending offsets.”

Obviously, disaster funding is necessary to aid the victims of recent hurricanes and wildfires. But standard accounting practices would require the federal government to cut spending somewhere else in order to spend more money on disaster relief.

That didn’t happen.

As a result, the feds will continue to grow the national debt without a real plan (or seeming motivation) to dig this country out of the financial hole in which we find ourselves.

Members of the House could cut spending. They simply refuse to make the tough decisions because it might jeopardize their next reelection campaign. 

That’s why the American people must force their hand with an Article V Convention of States. A Convention of States can propose constitutional amendments that require the federal government to be fiscally responsible and use standard accounting practices.

These amendments could include a balanced budget amendment, tax reform, and spending caps, among others.


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